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Don't worship idols. It's ok to respect statutes but worshiping them is
beyond the pale. This seems to have been a favorite pastime of the
rich and famous in bygone days.


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Jesus wanted to change our
attitude to life. He wanted us to
look at things in a ompletely
different way. You might say in a heavenly way. We normally think
that the poor people are
unfortunate, but Jesus wanted us to pile up riches in heaven.


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In this story Jesus asked us :
"What makes you think that you
are so wonderful? Are you
spotless? Are you a Holy Joe?"
He said:" Take the beam out of
your own eye before you can
complain about the splinter in
your friend's eye."


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Jesus says, "Come here!
I want you to come here.
I want to invite you to supper."
How wonderful!
The king of kings invites me to

Raining English Mass Very important. Mass is the center of the universe. Jesus says, "Come here, I want you to come here." "I want to invite you to supper." "I invite you to supper." How wonderful. The king of kings invites me to supper. I have to prepare my soul. I prepare my soul. My soul is God's garden. (文字整理:志工李婕如)


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Jesus is praying. He is shining like the sun. His clothes are so white. Sometimes we think that we are
not worth much. We are very
ordinary, but we can remember
that one day we will also shine
like the sun.


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I want to be baptized.
I use the eye of faith.
I believe in Jesus.
I have special eyes.
I can see Jesus because I believe.